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Welcome to My Blog!

Hey, everyone! I have been going back and forth on starting a blog about running, and my life in general. I told myself that I didn’t have the time. I’m a mother, a wife, and a worker. I told myself that there are already so many blogs out there — why would anyone take the time to read mine?

This week, I decided that it is really something I wanted to do — something I needed to do!  I’ve decided that, even if no one takes the time to read this, I wanted to take the time to write for myself. Running is the one time I can truly feel myself, and writing about my running life feels as if it’ll be the same!

So, why do I run? I started running in middle school as an afterschool activity. I kept it up in high school, because I truly enjoyed it. When I went into the military, I injured myself, and was unable to run for a very long time. It hurt me, no matter how much (or how little) I did. I came into NOT loving it anymore.

Fast forward to 2014… I became a mother. I was so ingrained in taking care of my new child, that I let myself go completely. I was a hollow shell of the strong woman I used to be. I had gained weight. I had lost any of the local friends I used to have. I was falling into a depression. This is something that I’ve never admitted to anyone. I was becoming depressed. I needed to find Ashley again.

What did I do? I turned to Google. My good friend Google. You can find anything there. I searched for “Moms Groups in Alexandria.” Several Moms groups popped up, but one in particular stuck out to me. Moms Run This Town (MRTT). I though, “I used to run and I need friends. This is my place to go.”

MRTT changed me in ways I never thought it would. They made me a healthier person. They made me a confident mother. They connected me with some of the best friends I could ever imagine. They even made my daughter a confident little girl. The ladies of MRTT taught me that its not about being the skinniest, but being the happiest. They helped me find my own personal mantra, which is “find your happy pace.”

I don’t think I’ll be out there winning races anytime soon, but I’ll be out there loving my new life, with my new friends and family, and setting the best example I can for my children.

So, here’s (hopefully) to this new blogging chapter of life, where I’ll talk about everything from running to working out in general, to family life. I hope to post once a week.

Up next week – how I fell off the fitness wagon!

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How I Fell Off the Running Wagon

After Marine Corps Marathon this year, I ended up with a stress fracture. I knew it was happening. I had been to the Orthopedic specialist prior to my second 20-miler of the training cycle. While he cleared me to run, he did tell me that I either had a fresh, healing stress fracture, or one coming on.
So, what did I do? Rest, right? NO! I went on and ran 29 miles during Ragnar!

After Ragnar, I took the rest of the training cycle off leading up to MCM. I knew I would end this marathon injured, but I had to finish – for some reason. I am too stubborn sometimes to actually listen to my body — Something I preach to everyone else.

So, after the marathon, I went back to the same specialist (Highly recommend if you need someone – OrthoVA), and they took good care of me, getting me into a boot for a few weeks.

Sad Ashley ensues. I ate my emotions. I stopped working out altogether. I had given up on myself again. There is something truly incredible between running and me. Without my feet pounding the ground, I tend to spiral out of control. I cannot seem to hold my life together without it….. Running is the biggest part of me – outside of my husband and children.

I know I said that I don’t let my weight bother me, and it doesn’t, for the most part. However, when I ran MCM on October 22nd, I was around 145. Today, I hover around the 160 mark. Resolution – Find other outlets than eating my emotions. Maybe this blog will help me.

I’m working on getting my life back together, and hoping it is for good this time.

Spring half marathon training begins on Monday, and I plan on working the hardest I can on that healthier lifestyle that I crave.

Next week, I’m going to write about my fitness hero.
I believe that she thinks I joke, but it is true.
Her name is Cathy, and I can’t wait to tell you all about her. I’ll make sure I send the post to her next week, too 🙂